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DENISA is the second episode of This Is What A Generation Sounds Like, a  Europeans Podcast series. We collaborated with young people from across Europe to tell stories about and proacti vely shaped by them. They are personal windows into how bigger phenomenons around Europe - from homophobia to the dismantling of democracy to the hierarchies of migration - have shaped their individual people’s lives.

We tend to talk about freedom of movement within the EU as an abstract concept. In reality, moving to a new place involves a million little moments of awkwardness, sweetness, and human vulnerability. This week, we bring you a story of what freedom of movement actually felt like, for a 14-year-old Romanian moving to Germany.

Produced for: The Europeans Podcast x Are We Europe

Funded by: Allianz Kultuurstiftung

Press: Financial Times ; Art Tribune

Role: Senior Producer & Sound Designer